Summer Diversions

Hello friends & hello fall! My summer has been beautiful, joyful, and jam packed. I’ve been able to soak in many treasured moments with close family and friends during a season of transition. Yet, in the midst of that change, I haven’t been able to put energy into this space and grow the fruit IContinue reading “Summer Diversions”

Monday Joys

Part Three Hello friends! Hope everyone had a joy filled weekend. If you’re new to reading these posts – WELCOME! I’m excited to share my joy with you and hear what’s bringing you joy in the comments below. My joy this week has sprung from a (virtual) college graduation on Sunday and reflecting on anContinue reading “Monday Joys”

Monday Joys

Part Two Happy Monday! Once again, I’m excited to share a couple things that have brought me joy over this last week. From the little things, like this sweet banner my parents put out for me, to the big ones, like enjoying Mother’s Day, it was a restful, exciting, and celebratory week. So without furtherContinue reading “Monday Joys”


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